OSG.JS 0.2.6 released

OSG.JS is a WebGL framework based on OpenSceneGraph concepts. It allows an individual to use an "OpenSceneGraph-like" toolbox to interact with WebGL via JavaScript, and provides facilities for exporting various assets to the osgjs format. The API is kept as similar to OpenSceneGraph as possible, providing a familiar environment to veterans of the library and introducing newcomers to a popular and heavily-scrutinzed set of interfaces.

Check it out in

Phiscally Based Render Example on OSG.JS

Change log for the 0.2.6 version:

  • Refactors uniform internal representation
  • Adds config matrix array type
  • Adds Scene and osgText missing exports
  • Fixes intersection visitor camera
  • Added coverity scan static code analysis
  • Adds documentation js
  • Makes the gizmo more flexible
  • Fixes pre/postmultrotate methods
  • Handles VR sittingToStandingTransform matrix
  • Resets vr translate
  • Adds Autotransform Node
  • Improves vr reset position
  • Uses corejs in tests instead of old buggy shim
  • Uses mocha / chai for test instead of qunit
  • Changes notify level of shaderGenerator log
  • Cleans osgNameSpace code
  • Fixes optional jquery deps in displaygraph
  • Traverses everything in getWorldMatrices
  • Fixes image stream at end
  • Adds Peter Wraae Marino website example
  • Fixes expandByBoundingBox and computeBoundingBox init
  • Fixes proxy in Geometry
  • Re-adjusts Float32Array epislon
  • Fixes webvr position and orientation check
  • Adds accessors to Program
  • Fixes VAO picking
  • Uses typed array for Vector/Matrix
  • Improves FPS manipulator for WebVR support
  • Fixes typo computeBound
  • Adds VAO support
  • Adds TimerGPU