Looking for forum moderators and administrators

Dear OSG-Community,

I am posting this thread in order to find suitable persons to be moderator and/or an administrator of the official OSG forum. What we need and expect for specific tasks:

Moderator (3-5 positions):
- check if new users  do respect to our forum rules (i.e. name convention)
- check and approve posts of new users (check for spam, ban usernames, kindly ask users to change names, etc.)
- check for double posts and merge them together (it happens sometimes that threads are get separated and need to be merged again)
- Usually it takes up-to max 30 minutes a day to moderate a forum. In best case, when there are more moderators, this time decreases of course

Administrator (1-2 position):
- important You must have already be seen in our community, so that we really know what expect from you. Or somebody of long term member can bail for you.
- You must have experience with PHP and Unix environment.
- You will get full access to forum's source code (on my servers) in order to hunt for bugs. Yeah, there are still bugs which need to be solved

I hope to find somebody who can take over this tasks. Moderators are currently more important than an administrator. However due to the move of OSG webpage to the new system and a wish to combine all the subsystems (svn, joomla, forum, mailing list) into one, it would be great to have somebody who can make this happen :)

Payment: No payment at all ladies and gentlemens, you do this for the sake of our community :)

Contact: Please post your applications directly here to this thread. In this case we can learn you already before assigning you such a responsible position. If you want to stay anonym, then write me a PM (or better email) and I will try to discuss with senior community members  about your application.

Best regards