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osgNoesisGUI released with NoesisGUI 0.9.8

I would love to announce the release of the osgNoesisGUI project, which integrates OSG and the NoesisGUI libary to make use of XAML based UIs in your 3D applications! It is managed on GitHub:

Read more... website needs community help

The website needs the community help to complete the migration from the old trac server ( to the new joomla site. Visit the section Migration Tasks to see what is being done and where you can help.


osgRecipes: Integrate OSG with almost everything

The new osgRecipes project's main and only goal is to integrate as more as possible third-party libraries/SDKs with OSG to make use of both features. It is in public domain, so feel free to make use of everything here.

The website:

The WIKI page:

Use GIT to check out:


Looking for forum moderators and administrators

Dear OSG-Community,

I am posting this thread in order to find suitable persons to be moderator and/or an administrator of the official OSG forum. What we need and expect for specific tasks:


osgEarth 2.2 released

osgEarth 2.2 is tagged.Thanks to everyone in the community who helped us test.

osgEarth 2.2 contains a LOT of enhancements and new features, including two new libraries, osgEarthAnnotation and osgEarthQt.


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