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    The OpenSceneGraph Support/Documentation section has numerous resources to help you learn about 3D graphics and in particular using OpenSceneGraph. This page is the main index for these resources. Over time we will be adding more resources and writing more in depth and focused programming and reference guides. Help from the community is greatly appreciated.

    This section is aimed to be an introduction into the basics of downloading, compiling, installing, running the examples, and writing your first OpenSceneGraph applications. Learn how to develop for those platforms requiring specific build approaches and dependencies.

    Explore the articles and other resources right here to learn more about how OpenSceneGraph works!!

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      The vast majority of the OpenSceneGraph is entirely cross platform, however, some platforms require specific build approaches and dependencies. The details of these platform specific issues are detailed here.

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      • Windows ( 4 )

        Add a few words about Windows Platform Specifics

      • iOS ( 2 )

        Add a few words about iOS platform specifics

      • Android ( 3 )
    • Tutorials ( 1 )

      Tutorials should help newbies or other users in general to get ideas how to solve problems with a specific tasks. They differ from examples because tutorials come with a written or spoken (video tutorial) guidance through the code. Please feel free to add new tutorials if you find something that is not covered or for your own examples.

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    • Knowledge Base ( 9 )

      This section is setup to provide users with general information around the Introduction/OpenSceneGraph, which is not directly part of, but good to know or just fundamental knowledge.

    • Guides ( 0 )

      This section aims to supply user, programming and reference guides to the OpenSceneGraph developers community.

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      • User Guides ( 17 )

        The user guide section provides details to users on how to use various applications associated with OpenSceneGraph, such as standard viewers, and data processing and conversion tools.

      • Programming Guides ( 4 )

        On line programming guides on the concepts and usage of OpenSceneGraph.

    • Tools ( 0 )

      From J-S Guay

      * Downloads - Tools
        Category or page with links to the major exporters (OSGExp for 3DSMax, Maya2OSG for Maya, Cedric's Blender plugin, etc.), modeling tools (OSGEdit, Remograph), etc. that people can use in conjunction with OSG.

      • Virtual Planet Builder ( 6 )

        VirtualPlanetBuilder is an open source tool for creating OpenSceneGraph compatible large scale paged databases from geospatial imagery and digital elevation maps.

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      Screenshots for just some of the companies, universities and projects that use the OpenSceneGraph

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    The OpenSceneGraph support section has resources to contact with the community and a FAQ manual, and it has a dedicated subsection for professional support. You also might see the Documentation section in this site.

    • Professional Support ( 3 )

      This page lists available contractors and companies that provides OpenSceneGraph related services such as contracting, bespoke development, support and training. The contractors are listed in order of how actively they contribute to OpenSceneGraph development so you'll know the ones most likely to have a wealth of experience.

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    • Stable Releases ( 8 )

      Our stable releases are the official release of the OpenSceneGraph to be used by new users and developer releasing final applications based that use the OpenSceneGraph.  We make major stable releases once to twice a year, such as 3.0, and minor stable releases to the stable release as necessary such as the 3.0.1 which fixed bugs that came to light after the first stable release in the series.  The versioning for stable release is major.minor.patch where the minor release is even number signifying that it's stable release.

    • Developer Releases ( 19 )

      Our developer releases are made more regularily than our stable releases and are simply tags of the latest source code under version control.  The developer releases do not under any dedicated testing prior to release and are meant to be snapshots of the latest development work that is going into the next stable release. The versioning for stable release is major.minor.patch where the minor release is odd number signifying that it's developer release.

    • Data Resources ( 1 )

      From J-S Guay

      Downloads - Data
         People often come to the list/forum asking where they can find free data. Of course the sample datasets would be listed here. Also some links to the Google sketchup model library (mentioning that they can load .kml using a specific plugin, was it collada?), and other free / open source model libraries would help them on their way.

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      The Software Patent Threat

      Software patents threaten practically software development projects, be them propriatory or open source, the OpenSceneGraph is no execption. Software Patents are legal in USA, Australia and Japan, but also have a rather dubious legality in Europe. Currently the European Union are processing legislation that could either ratify the move to legalising Software Patents that patent professionals and some multi-nationals have been driving for, or instead to reaffirm the non patentability of software that was original part of the Eurepean Patent Convention.

      The way the Software Patents directly affect the OpenSceneGraph project is that both the core developers, developers that use the OpenSceneGraph for their application development and their end users all are open to the possibility of litigation from agressive patent entities. These patents entities may take the form of a company trying to destroy or damage a competitor by preventing them from using, distributing and selling their software, through to entities seeking rents - the price of which is determined by the greed of the patent entity, not free market forces.

      The less obvious effects on the OpenSceneGraph project are the features that won't be developed simply because of known patents covering areas of interest, there is already several areas where development work has been curtailed, and as the patent thicket grows thicker this is only likely to become worse and just avoiding the patents will take more and more of our time slowing development.

      So far the OpenSceneGraph project has escaped any major detrimental effects of software patent, but this is not something we can assume long term. Other open source projects have already been forced to be stopped entirely or have features dropped because of recieving cease and desist letter from patent entities, a recent example was the VideoLan project dropping support for a particular codec, but also include FreeType dropping support for high quality fonts, GNU compile not implenment certain optimization - all of which directly affect many OpenSceneGraph users. With the OpenSceneGraph become ever more popular the visibility as a target for litigation increases.

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  • Community ( 2 )

    The Community section of the website is a place to add links to your OpenSceneGraph related projects, both commericial, educational, personal and open source. The whole website is a joomla site so is completely editable by the OpenSceneGraph community. Register yourself and read the autor guidelines to edit it.

    • Projects ( 1 )

      This section provides links to community projects, nodekits and utilities to use with openscenegraph.

    • Community News ( 18 )
    • Events ( 2 )

      Community Events such as conference meetings, shows, lectures and social get together.

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      • Job Requests ( 1 )

        People who are looking for company with OpenSceneGraph activity may post their request in this page.  Any request with a date greater than one month may be removed, job seekers must renew their posts. .

      • Job Offers ( 6 )
        • Only companies who are looking for people with OpenSceneGraph skills may post their offers in this page.
        • Use the category option and set it to Job Offers in your new article an take a look to the Author Guidelines
        • Most recent openings will be shown at the top.
        • The Updated date must be set to reflect the last time the offer was valid.
        • Any offer with an Updated date greater than two months may be removed (but add the company to the lower list).
        • Please keep your openings up to date and remove them if filled.
    • Maintainers ( 3 )

      This page is dedicated to providing information to distribution package maintainers, to help short cut how much work is required for you to update packages in line with new OpenSceneGraph releases, and who/how to contact us when coordinating your own package releases, build/bug fixes etc. Contact details/links to relevant web pages for the maintainers that we are aware of can be found on our PackageMaintainers page.

      Project contact

      • Project lead: Robert Osfield, robert AT
      • Public user/dev mailing list : osg-users@… (requires subscription to post)
      • Public submission mailing list : osg-submissions@… (requires subscription to post)

      Project build and packaging pages

      The OpenSceneGraph uses CMake for cross platform build, CPack for packaging, and CDash for online reporting of nightly builds.

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