Virtual Planet Builder

How to continue a canceled or failed vpbmaster rendering

Rendering large databases (0,7 TB raw data and more) often causes the operating system or any part of it to crash. While using 64 OS, the limit is pushed away, it is not solved.

Virtual rendering setup

Let us assume a virtual renderering setup:

Compile a dataset

Now, to compile your dataset using this script, type:

cd /myWorkingDirectory

The vpbmaster now runs as usual, and creates the following folder an files:

If your run is canceled, or due to OS reasons your tasks fail, you can restart your build process in three alternative ways:

Resuming a build process

To resume a build process, just go to your working directory and call vpbmaster with your specified task file list:

cd /myWorkingDirectory
vpbmaster --tasks build_master.tasks

Now vpbmaster does NOT build up a new tasklist and new taskfiles, but he just uses existing taskfiles and skips all tasks which are already finished.