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Professional Support

This page lists available contractors and companies that provides OpenSceneGraph related services such as contracting, bespoke development, support and training. The contractors are listed in order of how actively they contribute to OpenSceneGraph development so you'll know the ones most likely to have a wealth of experience.

Robert Osfield

Project lead, and author of the bulk of the core OpenSceneGraph libraries.

Guardian of the source - the main gate keeper on reviewing and integrating changes to the OpenceneGraph SVN repository.

Work: hang glider designer, then software developer/manager, then VR researcher, then finally to self employment setting up OpenSceneGraph Professional Services in 2001, to be an Open Source software developer/consultant/bottle washer/slave.

Consulting, bespoke development work, support and training from the project lead.


Bob Kuehne

Bob wrote a very long description of what he does, did, and can do for you, but then his web browser crashed, and in doing so, also crushed his soul. So he's not writing anything now. Please check out his website instead: Blue Newt Software

consulting, bespoke development work, support and training services

  • contact:
  • web: Blue Newt
  • hourly rate:
  • availability:
  • portfolio:
  • location:

Regular Contributors

Gordon Tomlinson

consulting, bespoke development work, 3d Modeling, support and training services

  • contact: gordon@…
  • web:
  • hourly rate: Negotiable depending on project
  • availability: Currently Limited (ask)
  • portfolio: Personal Profile
  • location: Washington DC, US

Adrian Egli

consulting, bespoke development work, internet based rendering, streaming, webbrowser plugins, FX GLSL effects,...

Glenn Waldron

Custom software development, data production and consulting services. Specialty is 3D GIS and terrain. 15 years experience.

Chris Hanson

OSG mercenary for hire. Custom software development, consulting services, GIS, landscape and terrain (VirtualPlanetBuilder), remote sensing, image processing.

Serge Lages

Custom software development, Consulting, GIS, 3D Internet solutions, interactive kiosks (simple touch or multi touch interfaces)

Cedric Pinson

Custom software development, Game development, Consulting.

David Callu

Bespoke development work, consulting.

Christophe Loustaunau

Custom software development.

Tim Moore

Custom software development and consulting. Real time simulation. Database design.

  • contact: timoore33@…
  • web: []
  • hourly rate:
  • availability: ask
  • portfolio: major contributor to
  • location: Bordeaux, France

Eyescale Software GmbH

Software development: Parallel Rendering and Clustering, OSG

Remograph AB

Custom software development and consulting related to 3D and visual simulation, OpenSceneGraph, OpenFlight, OpenGL. 3D modeling, GIS, iPad and iPhone development.

  • contact: info@…
  • web:
  • hourly rate:
  • availability: Regularly available for small amounts, ask for larger projects.
  • portfolio: OSG-based product Remo 3D
  • location: Sweden

Contractors who haven't yet contributed to OpenSceneGraph development

Sohaib Athar

Consulting, 3D Modeling, CAD Systems Development, Virtual Orthodontics Systems

Steven Van Ingelgem

Custom software development, Consulting.

Jim Brooks

Software development: OSG, OpenGL, simulations, shaders, fx.

Todd Furlong

Software development / Consulting

Peter Kilpatrick

Support, software development.

  • contact: see web site
  • web:
  • hourly rate:
  • availability: now
  • portfolio:
  • location: Pretoria, South Africa

Objexx Engineering

Scientific and engineering software development. Simulation, 3D visualization, finite element modeling, optimization, object-oriented design, C++, Python, Qt, PySide, PyQt, OpenSceneGraph, POV-Ray.